Queen of the Auvergne


Sunday 23rd September was maybe not the quietest day to arrive at the overflowing Aire at Sully sur Loire. A huge overflow carpark meant we did get parked up and as we locked up the van, John noticed a poster on our neighbour’s van for Sylvie Pulles an accordionist by the look of her picture, but thought nothing more of it.

We headed into town through Chateau grounds, no less! A lovely walk, although it was drizzly, alongside a lovely lake lined by trees and in no time we found ourselves outside the local church in a flowery square. We popped into the welcoming open doors to a lively display of photos highlighting recent trips and activities.

We came out the church to a much wetter downpour and sheltered in a doorway until it eased enough for us to carry on exploring. Most shops and cafes were closed so we lingered and window shopped before heading back a circular route past the Chateau. There was not an inch of space left in the car park, it was full of cars as was the road leading up to an events hall and the carpark up there. Googling answered the question, Sylvie Pulles, Queen of the Auvergne, (music available on Youtube) was in concert here and wow, she must be popular! 2.30pm the concert started and cars started leaving again at 7pm. In between times, the heavens opened and it rained and rained. Meanwhile more motorhomes were lining up to park, doubling up after agreements were made with already parked vans. Some came and left again. We told one van to park close to us and we had space to move over once the car next to us had left. The amount of vans arriving couldn’t be down to the concert, so google came up with the answer again. Sully sur Loir has a market on Monday mornings…ahhhh..the French do like their markets. John had to keep putting his book down to watch the latest comings and goings and of course the car next to us was one of the last to go! However, when it did depart, John moved our van over and had a walk around, counting over 50 motorhomes between the Aire and the 2 overflow areas. No charge at Sully for the Aire by the way.

We enjoyed a nice steak and mushroom dinner accompanied by a rather nice Cahors. All was quiet, and that night we were lulled to sleep by the beautiful sing songy calls from a pair of owls.

9am Monday morning and John had put the kettle on, I was being lazy when ‘toot, toot, toot’ sounded (and it wasn’t owls!) . ‘Could be a bread van’, I said, ‘don’t think so ‘said John looking through the window, ‘it is a bread lady in a car! ‘he said, pulling on his clothes over his pjs and out the door in no time returning with two huge croissants and a baguette. Bliss! We’re easily pleased!

I wasn’t getting a strong enough wifi signal to upload photos for the blog, but during our walk yesterday I noticed the signal improve by the lake near a bench. So laptop in John’s bag we set off, but then noticed a space in the main Aire, so quickly moved the van and got a good pitch near the riverside path. Slowly but surely I managed to get photos to upload, not helped by the strong sunshine. John had a stroll about and spotted a lizard. Job done, we headed into town in time to see most of the market. Photos we had taken in drizzly conditions yesterday were repeated under lovely blue skies. The chateau stands very handsomely in the middle of the town and its visible from all angles.



We headed back for lunch and then a bike run alongside the river and some foraging for walnuts and chestnuts (John). A very lovely stay and somewhere we would definitely return to but maybe not on a Sunday.



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