My bike doesn’t do sand…


Pleased to have laundry and ironing completed and all gadgets charged, we left Vaas and headed south. The only thing lacking in Vaas was decent phone or wifi signal, hence I’m still trying to catch up with the blog.

No half hour drive for John today, oh no, a full 2 hour drive though satnav did give the option for a quicker motorway toll route. We declined. Knowing satnav would try to pull a few tricks on a 2 hour journey I was on alert with the road map on my knee and craftily entered a couple of via villages to ensure he followed decent ‘red’ roads (route national) and none of his silly white roads. 3 weeks on the road and we’re getting back on form!

We bypassed Chateau Renault and almost went through the centre of Blois, but fortunately driver John ignored satnav and drove around the block to take ‘autre directions’ and got us on the bypass! Satnav didn’t try to get us to ‘turn around when possible’ so we knew he had tried to pull a fast one!


Tour en Sologne is a village fleurie.. the sign proves it! The aire was pretty enough and included a picnic area opposite the church but didn’t feel quite Aire like; no marked out spaces so vans were parked in a random fashion that didn’t allow for privacy. There is one other reason we may not rush back; we had chosen this area for forest walks and bike trails. So, off we went on our bikes. All was going good when the tarmac turned into forest track, okay, but then the next turning took us on to a badly potholed track which had been filled in part with sand. Oops a daisy.. I discovered my bike doesn’t do sand and it very rudely skidded and threw me off only to land on top of me. So not dignified!

The other downside of these routes was a distinct lack of signage, so once I was helped back on to my feet by John, we erred on the side of caution and returned by the route we came. Enough of forest tracks for me!

The village patisserie redeemed the situation with excellent patisseries on Sunday morning, John went off on his bike and came back grinning to show me his success at the boulangerie!

We took them and ourselves off a hop, skip and jump to Sully sur Loire, rejecting 2 other aires en route. Overnight the weather seemed to have turned autumnal and we had a lovely drive through countryside and pretty villages. Road signs alerted motorists to Boar and Deer and we passed some very impressive looking estates and a group of hunters at one point.







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