A Goldilock’s moment…

We reluctantly left our riverside retreat and headed to La Chartre sur le Loir a short drive away. The tourist info leaflet of cycle routes showed the motorhome symbol, but googling didn’t show up an aire though did highlight a municipal campsite. We were hopeful for laundry facilities so went to take a look. The campsite was more a chalet site and the laundry room not at all nice, so it was a no from us! There was an intermarche supermarket and sometimes they have washers and dryers in the carpark, but not here. We did restock though so not a wasted visit. Buddie and us moved on to a lakeside municipal facility just outside Marcon, another half hour west, a huge place and no doubt mobbed in the summer months. We couldn’t even find the laundry in this place, but there was a lovely looking lakeside beach, clean and deserted. There was no way to open the barrier and no reception staff until 2.30pm. We parked up in the day parking for water sports activity area a little further on and had lunch. Re-assessing our options, John noticed an aire at Vaas that was outside the municipal campsite and the campsite allowed camping cars a one night stopover for 7 euros. So, satnav was reset..another half hour drive west and yes, this one, third of the day, would do nicely! The notice on the reception said to choose a place and someone would be in the office between 7 and 7.30pm and 9 and 9.30am. The shower block was in a modern wooden barn style building and had a baby changing area and laundry at one end with dishwashing sinks at the opposite end and toilets/sinks/showers in the centre. The washing machine was domestic size and no dryer, but also no charge and the sun was shining. In no time the machine was dealing with our laundry, the laptop and camera etc were charging and we did some van housework. John tool his bike a run around the village and came back with a baguette and 2 cakes, an éclair and a pear tart. We then sat in the sun with a cuppa. Phew! We more or less had the place to ourselves. There were 2 other places taken, one we gathered later had done something naughty or not paid up..when the lady did appear at reception around 6pm I went over to pay. The occupant of a caravan a few places down had just been dropped off by a car and reception lady headed over with her notebook and a lot of angry words and gestures followed. I was inside cooking but John can tell an annoyed lady when he sees one!

After dinner we had a stroll through the village which had a butcher, charcuterie, baker and patisserie and a couple of cafes and a hotel with restaurant. A good place to remember. On our way out the campsite we chatted to a motorhomer who had just parked up in the Aire and was walking his 2 dogs. He sounded cockney, and as soon as we told him the deal in the campsite he said ‘no brainer’ and hightailed it back to his van and moved over to the campsite. (Buddie and us open to offers from French Tourist Board 😉).


3 thoughts on “A Goldilock’s moment…

  1. These last two posts paint the most idyllic image!! Also I’m starting a patisserie count and cross-referencing with WhatsApp, anything less than a daily cake and I will be disappointed!! 😉


    1. We’re trying to make the patisseries a weekend treat Ruth! But, we do cheat now and again. We’ve just arrived at a lovely area and I’m sure cakes will be put to the test. Also good cycling routes so that will help me still fit my clothes. 😉😘


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