Undersold by the Aire’s book – a hidden gem

From Cherry tree farm to our next stop at Cormeilles was through pretty French villages, always announced by the sight of a church spire in the distance, and rolling French countryside. Trees laden with apples, plums and pears and immaculately filled vegetable plots thanks in no small way to the warmer climes.. pharmacies bragged about the temperature..23 degrees… very pleasant!

We had never visited this village before and the description in the Aire’s book was not particularly inspiring ‘small town commerce’ in 300 metres from the Aire, which was free of charge, so we were ready to move on if it really wasn’t nice. However, whoever submitted the description had unfairly undersold Cormeilles. We found this village to be full of character, historic buildings, quaint alleyways and plenty of choice in patisseries and boucheries as well as cafes and restaurants. The church on the hill was something else! We were heading to a viewpoint that was up a steeper hill than the Kirk Wynd in Langholm! John turned to me and said that would be too much for me, I wasn’t for arguing!! But he suggested we pop in to the cool of the church on the way down. Not only were the stained glass windows pretty spectacular but uniquely, in our experience, the floor of the church was on a slope. From the door to the chancel area was on an upward slope 9 perecnt. This almost had me reaching for my travel pills! I had a go at sitting on the pews, weird and very uncomfortable. It’s described as a church ‘which climbs to heaven’!

We enjoyed a lovely fresh baguette for lunch and just because they looked quite irresistible, an éclair chocolat and an éclair café!

After relaxing in the lovely warm shade behind the van, with natural aromatherapy (one of the shrubs with white bell shaped flowers that was our hedge, had the most amazing fragrance) we enjoyed a second walk in and out the older alleyways and past what would have been wash houses amongst the wooden framed Norman houses. John had the barbecue out to cook lamb steaks and roast mushrooms with garlic whilst I cooked some new potatoes and broccoli and we most definitely counted our blessings!

Quiz of the week: can you spot the man with the pipe?






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