Who has the tea bags???


Saturday night was a peaceful night once the fish’n chip eaters had vacated the car park at half past midnight (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just fish’n chip eaters!). We started the day in lazy fashion with a cuppa, then hot showers (AA Rose shower gel Fiona)and yoghurt for breakfast before walking the coastal path towards Wemyss bay. N.b. to Fifers, stacks of lovely brambles once past the Frances Colliery Memorial. The memorial is a sobering reminder of the daily dangers faced by miners during the working lifetime of this mine. After our energetic walk (it was pretty much uphill!) we returned through the village to the van and while I iced my achey back John purchased huge,warm, freshly baked fruit scones from the Harbour Master’s tea room along with coffees. Well, after all, hospitality should be reciprocated!

With us suitably refreshed, Buddie was made ready for his first trip over the Queensferry crossing and satnav guided us perfectly to one of our favourite stores, Go Outdoors. A few purchases later and we had a nostalgic trip along the shore, through Leith and Emton’s old haunts and to Musselburgh where we parked up down by the seafront and beside a big grassy park area. We don’t think we’ve been to Musselburgh since you worked there Ruth!

Kettle on then a leisurely (on the flat) stroll along the shoreline and into town for some baguettes. Sunday on the road still has to be special, so no beans on toast for us, menu planner John decided

Venison steaks sandwiched in baguettes would fit the bill. Mmmmmmm they were yummy!

Our evening glass of wine had to wait until we reached David & Christines’ house just another 20 minutes further along the coast. We got a lovely welcome from my bro and his lovely wife and Harris the dog (the fact that we had to supply our own tea bags shall remain our secret 😉 😉).

A good hour of reminiscing followed and Fletch aka bro Neil appeared for a quick catch up too. He updated Captain Bligh on the latest happenings on board the Bounty. Sailors chatter that meant nothing to me!




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