Bits and pieces fall off as we get older

All was quiet on the driveway on Links road overnight. I enjoyed the executive wetroom provided by bro David and a cuppa with Christine before we headed south. Our next stop was Asda at Dunbar to fill up with fuel and buy a few essentials, even if John thought we didn’t need a half size muffin tin, it’s an ideal size for our mini oven and perfect for Yorkshire puds!

We continued our journey down the A1 quite relaxed in spite of the constant rain and the lack of blue sky. Driving alongside the fields with crops ripe and ready for harvesting, the sea rough and moody looking and listening to Rod Stewart singing ‘What a wonderful world’…when….rattle, clang bang! Oops…first thoughts from me ‘the bikes!’ a quick glance in the mirror from John reassured me that the bikes were intact. The van was still running smoothly…all gauges registered normal. A layby appeared and we pulled in to investigate further. John, braving the rain, examined all essential bits and pieces and returned to report one small piece missing. The tail pipe from the exhaust was somewhere between Berwick and Alnwick! Just like us, the van is getting older and just like us some parts could do with new bits!

Google to the rescue.. Kwikafit couldn’t do it, ATS couldn’t do it but we were recommended to visit a doctor! The Exhaust Doctor in Shiremoor between Whitley Bay and Newcastle. Two young lads who didn’t hesitate and soon made space in their garage for Buddie while we waited in the waiting room aka reception for the custom built part to be made and fitted. We listened to the cutting and grinding of metal, I paced up and down the waiting room (exercise for my back). In just under an hour the ‘doctor’ appeared to take John through to examine the ‘patient’ and thankfully all was fixed! Phew! Buddie was back on the road with us.

Destination for the night was the Lamb Inn at Rainton near Thirsk. Satnav was reset and we found ourselves going through the Tyne Tunnel for the very first time. The remainder of our journey was uneventful and we parked up here at 4.30pm in what is an informal and free campsite and parking area with fresh water and emptying facilities at the rear of the pub.

We have eaten our fill and topped up our fluid levels with some chilled white wine for me and Black Sheep ale for John.

Altogether now, ‘and we say to ourselves, what a wonderful world’……🌈



2 thoughts on “Bits and pieces fall off as we get older

  1. What an adventure for Buddy. We love that he had a custom exhaust now. Patrick wants to know if you have any more modification idea’s…..he has some thoughts!


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