Yeah! We’re off!

The to do list can be satisfyingly ripped up, we’re off! First time for bikes going with us and it would have to be raining. But the rain can’t dampen our spirits today! First stop is to visit new great niece, and catch up with family. Lots of cuddles and blethers later we head for our first night spot. Half an hour later sees us strolling along the Fife coastal path and admiring the shoreline, the mild weather and that lovely feeling of relaxation that comes with the anticipation of plenty more days like this to come and new areas to explore. We arrived back at the van as a very damp mist rolled in from the sea. Another French van also rolled in while we were away. Homemade venison pie in the oven, potatoes on for mashing and it’s glass of wine time for the navigator 🍷😉


2 thoughts on “Yeah! We’re off!

  1. Oh I’m so excited for you! What a lovely way to start, you will have to let me know details of where you overnight in Scotland to help me plan for next year 😃🚐⛰🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️ Xx


    1. So far Issy just Dysart harbour, which is a hidden gem with views and walks. But maybe not a Saturday night unless you don’t want to sleep before 12.30! Cars come and go..but other than that watching the lights twinkle across the bay after dark was our view. Xxx


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